Posted by: qizhi | August 26, 2009

It’s about my LIFE , my RANT and my CRAP here

i’m Qz

and i’m 19!
studying at temasek polytechnic!
loves black
loves soccer

visit my tumblr!

Posted by: qizhi | September 2, 2009

At work

Blogging thru Wp coz i can’t access tumblr at work.
and many many more sites. =.=”

i can only access webs like. erm like me see.
yahoo? wordpress? blogger? hardwarezone?

and i can’t access them!
they happened to be those that will help in killing time. tmd.

well anyway.
done with whatever work given to me.
and it’s 11:48am only. not even lunch.
omg. this sums up bored+nothing to do+sleepy spells DEATH. lol. lame.

later meeting c243 for jinghan’s bday bbq.

okay. finally got sth to do alr. bye.

Posted by: qizhi | August 23, 2009

Cmaths. LAST! gogogo!

Computing maths tmr.
and it’s the last one. yes!

i still got alot to revise on it.
gonna chiong after the match between Westham and Spurs.
not gonna sleep. i think. chiong chiong chiong! until i buay tahan!

and. . .
i don’t need to buy a nano already.
forgotten that my sis-in-law got a ipod classic. 80gb.
which got some weird problem that happens all the time when you off and put on hold to it.
it won’t turn on after you did that.

so yea. went online and search about it and stuff.
by holding on the menu+centre button for around 6seconds. it would just reboot the ipod.
well it’s reboot. but somehow the data inside isn’t erased. COOL!
and she doesn’t use it. which makes it pretty much like mine?

shall bring it to applecare when i happen to be visiting the central.
but for now. i will just stand by the 6seconds startup. well.. just 6seconds? and i save another $200? yea.

okay it’s the 2nd half now.

Posted by: qizhi | August 22, 2009

Goodbye cmsy. please don’t come back.

yes don’t come back with you smelly supp paper i TELL YOU!

currently extremely awake.
was tired just now. so took a nap.

and there is a price a pay. LOL!
i missed dinner. missed theclique’s spam call.
so they’re now enjoy watching where got ghost and i’m home.
watching… Chuck?

not very bad thou.
coz i just started watching it yesterday. after storing both season 1&2 on my hdd for damn long already.

yes yesterday! when i couldn’t make myself to study and gave up. LOL!

was chilling at Starbucks for hours with ahChong and ahLam.
came out the list of stuff we wanna get this holiday.

for me. . .

a ipod nano. ( no more ipodtouch! coz i would save alot if i get a refurbished ipodnano instead of ipodtouch. SGD$200 okay!)

a pair of GOOD running shoes. (yea for stand chart! soon i will be training with glad , gene and winston. and by good i mean real good ones)

a Manutd jersey with Valencia’s name printed on it. ( a promise made by me to glad. whoever the 1st signing. i will print his name. LOL!)

new shoe.

okay the rest?
will go into my practical lessons for driving. woosh! i can do it.

Posted by: qizhi | August 20, 2009

Study? no i can’t!

Cmsy can seriously just go burn in hell.

i seriously can’t make myself  to study for it man.
but in another hand. i am not very worry for it thou.
40% on project. which i don’t think i did badly.
30% on lab test which i think i did fairly well.
then is 30% for this. which is all theory and theory and theory!

like damn boring.

got myself a job already.
starting next week. Stand Chart again.
but this time. tampines branch. for a month.

and talking about Stand Chart. it’s the marathon!
i need  to wait till next month to register. coz brother’s credit card going to bao already.
wondering if the slots will be fully taken.
and cca isn’t gonna pay for me. coz they only got 7slots. darn.

FIFA 10! holy shit. this game can only get better.
everyone is waiting for it. so am i.
sure gonna camp home to play it after it release on oct 2nd la. =)

Posted by: qizhi | August 19, 2009

Its 646am. and i’m dead hungry.

the title tell you my current status. ha!

and guess where am i?
i’m in school’s Lecture hall 1. has been here since like 12am?
even watched Sunderland VS Chelsea in the LT with glad , jonny , jul and arnold.

but now.
only Arnold and i left here.
and he is the only one still studying.

can’t really get boring cmsy into my head.
tmr meeting  jinghan and guys at 1pm.
i don’t think i can think about getting some sleep. maybe an hour or two.

guess the sky is already bright now?

i want vegetarian bee hoon NAO!
if not. PRATA + Teh Peng!

okay Arnold just say he is done. BYE!

Posted by: qizhi | August 18, 2009

Stand Chart here i come!


yea. gonna register for Stand Chart marathon soon.
school is paying for me. if there are enough slots. hopefully thou. can save $$!

Friday’s CMSY paper.
10 topics.. is it?
can’t rmb. i haven’t even started on it yet. holy shit.
totally in holiday mood already.

Stupid screener job at CGH only want ppl that can commit till april.
hopefully Joey can find me a job tmr when i call.

yesterday was at li soon.
no no. they changed to New Century. LOL.
changed to a 40inch tv. nice.

watched Liverpool got outplayed by Spurs.
yea liverpool suck! bassong rocks.

Study plans with theclique tmr.
shit. i haven’t got my notes printed out yet.

My ‘hulk smash’ on my laptop while doing wds seems to be taking effect now.
Cd rom , IOI adapter and SD adapter drive. all not working. i wonder what else is being damaged.
time to make my trip down redhill.

Posted by: qizhi | August 16, 2009

Finally all the projects and presentations are over.
left with 2 more papers. and its holiday!
i really need a job. badly!

i shall update about myself.

so there is….


Arnold’s Birthday


Junsheng’s Birthday


Won’t be having Kayak training for the next 2 weeks.
The last trg i realised that i’m still very afraid of deep water.
yea i am very afraid. really afraid. extremely afraid of deep water.
when i capsized at 250m. it knocked me to a reflective mood after that.
wondering if kayaking is really my thing. hmm….

i need a job. need more $$.
so i can get my ipod touch and also start on my practical lessons for driving.

Posted by: qizhi | July 17, 2009

So long

Saw my blog’s url on my bookmark.
clicked on it. and woah! 1 whole month didn’t blog.

Nothing much to blog also.

Its Kayak , School , Sleep , Eat?

I’m sick. for the first time in 1year+?
Missed the last training. maybe not going tmr’s too. feeling weak still. and i have cmsy to finish! presentation next week!

then will be WDS and VDT submission. omg.
i really must not be lazy.

Mom told me maybe moving house.
maybe to punggol. =.=”
i can’t imagine myself waking up 6am and taking long ride to school. when i always wake up only an hour before first lesson of the day.

Not taking part in Safra’s half marathon anymore. quite disappointed.
but will be running Standard Chartered Half marathon instead. with kayak mates.
actually… i would prefer a full marathon. but i’m not sure if i am able to take it. hmm… maybe?

thinking of changing this blog to

Short term goal :
find a time. take a bus. to tampines 1. and get a taste of frolick. LOL!
i may sound like a sua-ku. but my clique in class didn’t try it before too.
at least i’m not alone. =)

Posted by: qizhi | June 17, 2009


had Carl’s Jr at ecp for supper the past 2 nights.
yummy! anything would taste nice as long as it is called burger!

lost my itouch last Thurs.
at safra. i think its stolen by someone. but i don’t know who.
damn sian. bought it on jan. $388. and now the price is still $388! how to buy another one!

Tmr will be my FTT round 2. seriously must pass this time.

PRSP , WDS , VDT and Cmaths assignment! i only start on VDT and WDS.
started on it only! not even a quarter of it is done. omg.

got myself a Samsung Preston. $0. so yea. not bad for a $0 phone.

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